Abbreviation for Chee Bye- a swear word fondly found in parts of South East Asia & Taiwan.
'Don't be a CB. Just tell me the truth lah!'
by TunTongTin October 14, 2004
CB is a popular drill artist originating from Forest Gate , Newham , in the postcode (E7) hence the name of his gang the 7th . Other popular members from the 7th include Yanko , Y.CB , Woosh , YB and BinLurking . CB is considered by many to be one of the greatest drill artists of all time , if not the greatest , with songs such as due to his ability to rap about a lifestyle he has actually lived through and the ability to prove the claims he has made . Some of his most notable tracks include Take That Risk , The Things , Everyday , Talk On My Name , No Lies Freestyle and his heavily acclaimed mixtape A Drillers Perspective . Unfortunately because his active and violent nature CB was jailed for waving a sawn-off shotgun towards police officers and was given a ridiculous and unjust 20+ year sentence in jail . However despite this huge loss CB still continues to release music including his Plugged In Freestyle with Fumez the Engineer which currently has 1.9 million views on YouTube which will undoubtedly increase which just goes to demonstrate how CB is and will forever be one of the greatest drill artists of all time .
Me : Ayo my brudda did you listen to CBs No Lies Freestyle
Friend: Ahhhhhh man not yet still
Friend: Obviously
by Yo g wys February 9, 2021
A CB is a short form for Cock Block, and it is when a guy and his girlfriend try to do stuff but one of their friends is always there to block the cock. the CB doesnt need to be there the person can text message the person, or phone the person.
Man andrea is suck a CB.
Did you get any last night or was your CB there?
It was just us the two but she still was a CB by texting her.
by Eric Longridge December 31, 2007
acronym for Cock Breath, which is when an individuals breath has the lingering smell of cock. Usually more pronouced after sucking the life out of a cock in the morning or after a long day or exercising, when the nut cheese (smegma) and other smells of the cock are most pungent.
Cirso Styers & Niyla Forrest had major cases of CB after blowing Xander's skinny penis. In fact you could still see traces of cum smeared on Niyla's thin lips & Circo's dick sucking lips
Matias: OMG that girl is sooo clingy
Ravi: She's a CB yo!
Carlos: Wat's a CB?
Matias: Crazy Bitch
by TopDogg69 May 3, 2010
Lets have some CBS tonight, I'm not in a rough mood and I'm tired.

I have a lot to do, we can have CBS while I multi-task.

Lets have some group CBS tonight, we can socialize and watch football while we're at it.
by Yuby Hoo May 27, 2008
Chronic Boner Syndrome

an ailment that most teenage boys are afflicted by the treatment is very simple whack it
Dumbass number 1: I'm not even horny and i have a boner
Dumbass number 2: welcome to the life of a teenage boy you're going to have CBS
by Donger420 July 30, 2014