Often confused with the word "cock." Here's to clear up any misconceptions.
Caulk - A gun that spews white stuff.
Cock - A gun that spews white stuff.
by TenInchPlaya October 8, 2006
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A white, viscous liquid adhesive which is waterproof when dry. The most common use is in buildings, to seal spaces (i.e., around windows) that would ordinarily reduce the efficiency of insulation.
Frylock: He - man - what the - you've been eating all my caulk!

Meatwad: Caulk? Nah, this is cheese!

Frylock: No, it's highly toxic industrial adhesive, used to connect electronic circuitry to steel. It's caulk!

Meatwad: And it's good, too!

Frylock: Listen to this, OK? Avoid human contact. May cause dizziness, nausea, and an ability to THINK you can see the future, but you can't!

Meatwad: Well, what does it say about finding oil?

Frylock: Nothing!

Meatwad: Uh oh.
by lucky captain rabbit king July 27, 2006
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1. Something that goes around windows to keep cold air out

2. Alternate spelling of cock only the coolest of cool can use
1 and 2. That guy did an amazing job at caulking the windows. It made me moist.
by bt February 25, 2003
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1. to stop up and make tight against leakage (as a boat or its seams, the cracks in a window frame, or the joints of a pipe)

2. when a guy shoots his load and it runs down between a females breasts or ass crack.
Johnny had to caulk his windows for the winter.

James caulked his horny neigbor Amy's rack and ass.
by cardinal_fan October 19, 2004
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a term used to subliminally signify a dick when making a prank call.
Hello sir, does this store supply caulk?

Does the caulk come in different colors?
by rick james bitch February 28, 2004
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The process of pulling out and ejaculating on the woman's inner-thighs, tying them together, and leaving her to stick and dry in the bathtub for 4-5 hours.
Her thighs were completely stuck this morning after we caulked last night.
by Cortizone April 23, 2008
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Slang term used to describe the seaman used in filling one's asshole to the rim.
The pornstar got too much caulk in her asshole.... it was sliding out of her starfish's mouth.
by slicksal October 19, 2006
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