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Surgery to repair a person's torn/ripped asshole. This is common in prison when a prison bitch is gang raped or repeatedly ass fucked with no lubricant. This occurrs when an inmate is perceived as a docile person. It is not uncommon for the dominator(s) to make the prisn bitch dress up, wear make-up and pee while sitting down.
The prison bitch had his ass deflowered and needed an anal retread.
by slicksal November 24, 2006
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Occurs when someone farts in the pool. In some instances, when the air bubbles reach the surface of the water and pop you can actually smell the gas that slipped out the person's ass. It an be very disturbing, especially if it smells really bad.
Little Leroy treated all the swimmers at the city pool to a bubble bath.
by slicksal November 1, 2006
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The practically impossible act of fucking your WASP girlfrind in the ass.
I solved the Mission Impossible. I was fucking my wasp girlfriend doggy style when her sopping wet pussy caused my cock to inadvertantly slip into her tight asshole.
by slicksal December 11, 2006
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Occurs when the caulk a guy deposits in his girlfriend's ass drips so ever slightly into her pussy and impregnates her.
My buddy is the proud papa of an ass baby. I told him too much caulk is not good. I told him if he over caulked his girlfriend to clean up or have an Ass Licker on standby.
by slicksal October 24, 2006
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Untoned muscle. A combination of fat and muscle. Also known as fussle.
That fat dude has been lifting weights. He is not all fat, not all muscle. He has fuscle.
by slicksal November 20, 2006
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Ass To Mouth. The act of pumping your girlfriend or neighbor's wife in the ass, pulling your cock out before you cum and letting her suck you off.
She said she wanted to taste her asshole, so we did a little ATM and we finished with a facial.
by slicksal October 19, 2006
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A person, either female, homosexual male or prison bitch, who sucks their male partner's dick, let's him come in their mouth and then spits it out.
My girlfriend likes to suck my dick. She used to be a painter, soon became a spitter and will hopefully graduate to swallower.
by slicksal November 3, 2006
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