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A fake or stolen online identity created or used for the purposes of beginning a deceptive relationship.
Turns out the girl I thought I met online was just a catfish of a fat old man.
by SilverishGoldNova December 04, 2017
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Paper product used as a barrier against unwanted messes, such as the liner at the bottom of a bird cage.
Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
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Someone who pretends to be someone else, especially on the internet. Found on anywhere from instagram to twitter to chat sites, these people use fake pictures to disguise who they are. A synonym for this in some situations may be "troll" because the majority of catfish out there are simply out to troll others, while others have their own reasons for this approach. Often catfish, once discovered, are faced with people full of annoyance and frustration at being "catfishes"
Matt: Ah man that chick Kasey I liked was a catfish all along. Even the booty was fake!
Mark: Ah duuuuuddeee that sucks lets go get you a real girl with a real booty.
by callmeardilla August 03, 2015
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you think you're talking to a fit bird and your actually talking to a 40-year-old obese plumber called Steve from Dorset who is wanking into a half-full bag of wotsits.
you: hey m, asl?
steve: hey baby, f here who is dtf
you: is this a catfish or am I in a dream!
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by platypus mafia July 03, 2018
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To give the impression of being an attractive person in order to attract someone online while being a complete or near opposite of that portrayed.
I met this girl online that looks like Kate Upton, but it turns out I was being catfished because then we met and he looked more like Michael Moore.
by Leroy Jenkings April 02, 2015
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Catfish is someone who makes a fake account of someone on social media (Instagram, Facebook, tinder) to lure into a relationship with a false identity.
Paul: Yo Ashley! I know youre catfish. Im just playing around with you.
Ashley: Okay! Dont tell anyone! Not even Aman!
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Catfishes can be ANYONE and its super easy to be one. Have you lied about your name? You a catfish. Lied about your work? You a catfish. Basically if your pretending to be somone (real or fake) your a catfish. Why do people catfish? People who font have a lot of friends may catfish or people who were boerd or people who were bullied or people who want love or people who are mean or people who are scammers ECT. Are catfishes cold-hearted? Not nesicarily. Some people try to find dirt or try to see if a bf or gf is cheating and they arnt nesicarily cold-hearted for example. Can i watch any stories of this? YES! Youtubers make stories and there is a show called Catfish mtv hosted by Nev and Kamie (earlier it was Max) and somtimes guest hosts like one time it was Machine Gun Kelly and other people. Catfish is actually exciting and ut can show you red flags by watching! Where can i watch catfish? Mtv and thier youtube channel definitly. Their youtube is MTVcatfish and also MTV . RED FLAGS TO LOOK FOR: not meeting up, not video calling, not calling, asking for money over and over, stuff not adding up, saying thier meeting up some where and then not showing up, ghosting, being sus ect ECT. Does this mean they are definitly a catfish? No.
Chad: Hey look at this hot chick who added me.
Mike: LMAO shes a total catfish
Chad: ugh why the hot ones always fake
by ajwjgsheneh November 25, 2020
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