4 definitions by platypus mafia

someone who for some reason prefers that little twat Elmo to the vastly superior cookie monster for some strange unbeknown reason
you little elmo bitch.

you don't like cookie monster you little elmo bitch traitor.
by platypus mafia December 31, 2018
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a phrase to say to a female when she is being clever, most often used when about to be killed by a raptor, now this you may assume is a reference to the smash hit 1993 movie "Jurassic Park" however it is, in fact, a sexist joke pertaining to less than cooperative wives.
muldoon: "clever girl"
raptor: U wat m8
by platypus mafia July 3, 2018
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a BB unit used by the first order during its attempts to destroy the resistance

otherwise known as BB-H8 and Darth Ball
he is the true hero of the star wars saga and was totally underused as such.
by platypus mafia July 3, 2018
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you think you're talking to a fit bird and your actually talking to a 40-year-old obese plumber called Steve from Dorset who is wanking into a half-full bag of wotsits.
you: hey m, asl?
steve: hey baby, f here who is dtf
you: is this a catfish or am I in a dream!
by platypus mafia July 3, 2018
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