After I ate a whole catfish with the head on before the Nascar race, I stabbed Mark, Dak and Kelly with my catfish bones.
by hippity hoo October 3, 2007
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A dirty fish that folk fry and eat with the head on.
Joel, that catfish still has the head on!!!
by Dak December 4, 2003
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Bearded Lady, hairy woman, women with lots of facial hair
Check that catfish out she's hairier than Jesus
by tonydenver May 6, 2010
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At either end of the social spectrum, there lies a leisure class. A catfish is a person who simultaneously lives in both--for example, eating corn dogs in a Porsche, or drinking champagne while homeless.
Look at that dirty rock climber with a Makers and soda in a crystal tumbler--what a catfish!
by Peter February 24, 2004
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Someone who pretends to be someone or not using facebook or other social media outlets to to create false identitys.Particularly to pursue a deceptive online romance.
Internet person: Hey wanna meet up at central park?
Internet person: HEY BITCH.
by waterdude125 September 2, 2010
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A distorted version of the italian "capisce", meaning "do you understand?". First used in the Simpsons.
If you don't shut up, I'll kill you. Catfish?
by Hugga January 4, 2005
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Someone who pretends to look or act like something there not, mosty think there the sexiest out there. Someone who think other people need them when they don't .
Dude did you hear how James got. Totally catfished last week?
by jahforia February 2, 2016
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