"Chill Girl" (note: not actually chill). You want to go out with the boys? I'll stay at home and wait for you, but really I'm freaking out and will never tell you but I'll be passive aggressive. Your opinions wildly oppose mine? You don't need to know that, I'm religious now too. The Chill girl is low maintenance, but is somehow impossibly beautiful (always wearing immaculate makeup when seen by guys). She shares all your hobbies without having any others, and she's endlessly available. This isn't a result of "Nice Guys", but this comes from insecurity and wanting to be wanted in the same exact way. Willing to thrown women over the bus to be liked by guys; listens to misogynistic behaviour from her male friends (e.g slut shaming, defamatory (usually untrue)rumours about girls) but says nothing or encourages it in order to be liked. Usually denounces feminism to be seen as a cool, 'chill' girl who can be one of the guys.
"Laura's not like other girls - she's a real 'chill girl.'" - Male friend
"Laura's such a 'chill girl' she steers me down at parties because I dated her boyfriend 5 years ago" - girl
by urban_lucy April 16, 2017
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Popularized by internet personality Hannah Montoya, the "Toxic Chill Girl" tries to act cool, calm and collected, with the aim of trying to present herself as superior to others. She simultaneously insults and degrades others in indirect ways, often times by belittling things they find interesting or exciting.
You: "Did you see that new movie it was so cool!"
Toxic Chill Girl: "That movie was so bad, actually. And can you, like, calm down? You're like, literally yelling."
by default_dragon June 5, 2022
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