A very friendly guy to have a conversation with because he's very talkative, but sometimes you might get insecurities of his smartness. He has a charming smile and a good looking nerd look. Very outgoing, loves to join charity or any event held in or outside school. Very good in debating and voice out his opinions. Girls loves him because of his politeness but he's very secretive with his personal life. He can be a lawyer as well because he's good in making judgement and analytical skills in voicing out his opinions. A very positive and happy go lucky guy. Very confident and fashionable. He always dress up professionally and always presentable wherever he goes. Girls falls for him because of his smartness and charmingness. Very down to earth and funny as well.
I get insecurities when I'm with Aman
by Miau December 28, 2017
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Aman is an amazing person. He is friendly, loyal, funny, caring and very cuddly. He is always there for the people he loves. He never judges anyone, always tries to see the good in people. He has a very good heart and the most perfect hair.
Have you seen Aman's hair? His curls are so dreamy!
by Lolo18 September 29, 2021
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Aman is a great guy. He is nice, funny and good at sports. He’s a rare person to find and if you find him you shouldn’t let him go
Who’s that guy? He’s really good at sports. Must be Aman
by Adhaliwal February 10, 2019
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Its a name
Aman is very cute
by Ammy2 April 28, 2019
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Aman, broken up to be A Man. That is ironic due to the fact that Aman is also God.

Aman once clashed kicks with Chuck Norris. The universe was destroyed and recreated in that exact instant and Aman was declared victorious as this universe was one where Chuck Norris was killed by Bruce Lee in The Way of the Dragon.

Aman also broke math at one time. All math was proven wrong before Aman's wrathful findings.

Aman is someone who is extremely clever and intelligent. Aman cannot be outsmarted, if you have believed you have done so then he planned for you to do it. If it appears Aman is having a headache, he is not. He is having a premonition. Aman is also a robot.

No one knows where Aman originated, some believe he simply existed when the universe began. Others believe his conception was synonymous with the heavens. Still others believe that he is here to wreak havoc upon mankind and ultimately rule us all. However, it is said that some see Aman roaming upon this Earth. These claims are yet to be investigated. If he does exist, pray for your lives.

Only time will tell what Aman will do next.
Holy crap, there's Aman! ; Did you hear about how Aman smited those heretics? ; OH MAH GAWD I LOVE AMAN! ; Who the hell is Aman? ; Person A: Aman just hugged me! Person B: Lier! You are not good enough for him to hug you! Burn for your treason! *burns Person A* ; Person A: I wonder if I'll ever meet God. Person B: He's right over there. *points at Aman*
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A dork that might be couscous about himself, But he can be a the kindest and funniest guy ever, He acts cute and people often overlook how amazing of an alien he is, sometimes hes a queen and sometimes a tottal king, Never makes people cry but leaves them smiling for no reason, has potiential to be a model, An open book to some but a secretive and mysterious , Makes people worried but also spends time worrying about others more, a good person to go to talk to, never gets boring and is always intresting, hard to find but lucky if found,those who find should treasure, Open to diffrent music, media and fashion taste, stuff hes intrested in often are things that describe his mood or portray an overall story, often hides his feelings but ones he spill he begins to think people dont wanna listen, when its actualy the opposite, has a temper sometimes but mostly when he sees something is not right, smart and wise but does things to reach his goals instead of waiting for things to come to him, A role model, Loves kids,loves food, and especially loves cars, once in your life a special person till death or in other words xyz
That aman guy is so hard to find.
I heard Aman is a great guy.
Aman is amazing.
Aman makes people smile when hes around.
by animelover4u101 July 30, 2019
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Used by Arabians to express that they are in a good position/condition or even safe area.
Mari: hey are you fine? You seem deeply depressed.
shady: Don't worry Mari, I am Aman
by spicynoodles66_destructive361 October 13, 2018
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