A person who uses other people's photos to put forward an false identity of themselves
Girl : this really hot guy wants to talk to me on Instagram

Girl 2 : thats Chris brown girl that's a catfish account
by Mary bell June 12, 2017
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Someone who posts really good pictures with great edits of then on social media which makes then look really attractive but in real life they look so ugly .
Omg that girl over there such a catfish did you see get insta
by YoItsSlang November 30, 2016
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Despite what the other definitions on here say, a person who catfishes online is not a catfish. The term "catfishing" (online) derives from real-world fishing. The person who is catfishing puts the bait out there, and waits for someone to bite. The person who falls for the bait and believes the catfisher is the catfish.
I love to catfish for hot girls so I can break their stupid catfish hearts.
by monkey0506 November 18, 2013
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After I ate a whole catfish with the head on before the Nascar race, I stabbed Mark, Dak and Kelly with my catfish bones.
by hippity hoo October 03, 2007
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i was getting my narbin sucked while i was eating a cat fish
by cody stover December 18, 2008
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1. Someone who uses a false identity to pursue romance online

a. Multiple accounts

b. Differnt from in real life

2. Someone who pretends to be of the opposite sex

a. Also a form of 1.
Jeny: I don't know, he seems hot and so perfect for me
Clair: He is obviously a catfish, no one is perfect!

Denis: Wow, she looks amazing! And she is so attractive!
James: I wouldn't go for her, she is a catfish (male not female)
via giphy
by Watch4yourself November 09, 2017
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A dirty fish that folk fry and eat with the head on.
Joel, that catfish still has the head on!!!
by Dak December 04, 2003
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