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A bottom-feading sellout who does anything for pussy. Also see /coward/.
When Kevin, the catfish, tried to cock block his buddies, he got his ass beat.
by Nick June 7, 2004
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A person who follows another person around. They suck up to that person because the person's social standing is much higher than the catfish's. The catfish is often fat, unathletic, skinny with glasses, or just annoying to everyone around them.
Look at Sebastian following Ryan around, that kid is such a catfish
by raychelha June 3, 2005
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A method of fellatio where the woman deep throats the man in a manner that causes her to make a noise similar to that of a croaking catfish.
Yeah, she catfished me last night. It was great. No gagging!
by Joe24 March 7, 2006
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A woman so very dedicated to her work or studies that she begins to have wrinkles on her mouth, reminiscent of a catfish. Can normally be seen in law school, but is full-fledged visible in the legal practice.
Damn, that chick's a catfish
by nadime February 2, 2008
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Someone who acts like they are of the opposite gender online in order to attract someone of the same gender into liking their online persona
Sahil is acting like a catfish again. He somehow managed to catfish himself. Not sure how though.
by sfkjlsbfjasdv September 20, 2016
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when a guy with a beard rubs his beard in a girls pussy while he is eating her out
ouuuu that tickles
by josh grant May 27, 2003
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Someone who pretends to look or act like something there not, mosty think there the sexiest out there. Someone who think other people need them when they don't .
Dude did you hear how James got. Totally catfished last week?
by jahforia February 2, 2016
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