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A catfisher is the name coined to a bottom dwelling human, who spends a great deal of time on the net in various locations, luring people into a falsely based romance. A catfisher uses fake pictures and bogus information. Often has low self esteem and simply is not happy enough with their image to present it to people that they deem out of their league, and turns to faking other people instead. Other reasons for fraudulently representing people include doing it to boosting one's self esteem and playing people they would otherwise not even get to speak to. In short a catfisher is someone who performs the act of catfishing.
Guy 1: Dude, rumor has it that Noah has been going around faking Trevor online.

Guy 2. No way man, that's fucked up! Once Trevor gets word he's gonna kick the snot out of that bass turd catfisher.
by catfishery March 21, 2013
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an individual (real or fake) who uses the Internet, and in particular, online dating websites to lure people into a scam romance. The general goal of a catfisher is financial gain by developing an online relationship with another person and ultimately asking for money. Besides financial gain, catfishers are sometimes people who prey on others and gain pleasure from online communications and manipulation. You also might hear the terms catfish or catfishing. Catfishing targets both men and women.
by exposingcatfishers May 15, 2018
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A catfisher is a man who actively seeks out catfish online because they get pleasure from being treated like shit, taken advantage of and tricked into believing they are worthy of a womans attention only to realize it is all a hoax. These men usually have lots of money, very small penises and low self esteem.
David is such a catfisher but acts like this all happens by accident. He knows he likes being rejected by fat women posing as hot females.
by saharadryhumor December 18, 2014
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