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A castrated spokesman for MTV shows like Total Request Live which are responsible for the dumbing down of America's youth.
Carson Daly is only popular for as long as he can continue kissing MTV's corporate behind for cash.
by AYB June 19, 2003
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1. MTV's puppet to brain-wash our generation into this "pop-culture-syndrome"
2. someone who loves to kiss other's ass, especially celebrities in order to be famous
1. (TRL's audience screaming for no reason)
2. carson: "please be my girlfriend, please?!!" (n'sync's 'girlfriend' plays on the background...)
tara: drunk "aight, just shut up, you ...burps... bitch!!"
by uglyron August 21, 2003
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Puppet of MTV VJ who's job description looks something like this:
1. be likeable
2. like everyone
"hi, i'm carson daly, and i'm a massive tool."
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
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1. Viacom’s most popular bitch.
2. Talentless, personality-impaired, self-important, moron who sells out on a daily basis.
3. Someone who is 30 yet acts 14.
4. A Massive tool See: “Tool”
1. “Carson, Please play ‘N*SYNC’ because they are soo HOT!”
2. “Wow, Carson Daly kissed both Eminem and Christina Agulera’s ass in under 30 minutes!
3. “Did you see ‘TRL’ yesterday? Carson got so excited by N*SYNC that he jumped on Justin Timberlake’s Back!”
4. a. “Hi, welcome to TRL I’m Carson Daly.”
b. “Hi welcome to Last call I’m Carson Daly.”
c. “That’s some good TV right there”
by D1whoknosu December 25, 2003
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a big poser who is a gangster rapper when 50 cent is on the show, or a big faggot rocker when some shitty rock band is on
look at that kid getting bent over by his dad, what a carson daly
by Punk Blows April 25, 2003
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