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9 definitions by Shay'oul

Communication between two or more minds.
The sender may project a certain thought to another, which may be interpreted in a number of ways (color, number, letter, words, etc) by the reciever.
Telepathy is used by the supposed "Wingmakers" to keep in contact with one another.
by Shay'oul May 20, 2004
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1. An effort to make a change in ones life by using ones own personal energy and the energy of surrounding elements.

The "K" was brought back into use by Aleister Crowley in the 1900's to differentiate it from magic, the slight of hand tricks that became popular in the time. Most common belief is that Magick is evil and should not be tampered with; or is only possesed by "chosen" ones. Both of these statements are false.
Among my studies of the different forms of magick, I find the sacred arts of Abramelin to be the best foundation for developing your magickal abilities.
by Shay'oul December 20, 2003
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Seemingly the ability to control "cold." In actuality, Cryokinesis can be defined as using Psychokinesis to manipulate the molecular speed of an object. Slowing of the molecules produces cold, as cold can be defined as a lack of energy.
Using Cryokinesis, I can chill the air around me on a hot day.
by Shay'oul May 20, 2004
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1. Manipulation of material, on both a micro (particles, atoms, etc) and macro(cells, whole objects, etc) level, through the power of ones mind.

2. To cause physical change, movement or otherwise, to an object without the application of physical force.

3. Use of pyschokinetic energy to physicaly affect an object.
Psychokinesis is one of the most sought after abilities within the realm of "Modern Psionics."
by Shay'oul May 20, 2004
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1. Having to do with parnanormal or metaphysical activity and/or phenomena

2. The unseen; hidden

3. Understanding and practice of sacred knowledge possesed only by those worthy of it
Shay'oul is a student of the occult
by Shay'oul December 20, 2003
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1. A branch of philosophy that studies the relationship between mind and matter

2. Often used to describe things that lack the "facts" to be classified as "real" or accepted

3. Related to paranormal phenomena
I plan to take a class on Metaphysics.
by Shay'oul December 20, 2003
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