9 definitions by uglyron

1. MTV's puppet to brain-wash our generation into this "pop-culture-syndrome"
2. someone who loves to kiss other's ass, especially celebrities in order to be famous
1. (TRL's audience screaming for no reason)
2. carson: "please be my girlfriend, please?!!" (n'sync's 'girlfriend' plays on the background...)
tara: drunk "aight, just shut up, you ...burps... bitch!!"
by uglyron August 21, 2003
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highly-overrated show which lately grows into many different variaties, yet such shows lack the "REALITY" itself.
One show that I can relate closer to reality is the news; if it even does tell the 'reality'.
by uglyron September 21, 2003
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One thing that is really hard to get, especially when someone is a lazy-ass muthasucka.
LAZY-ASS STUDENT: Mr. X, may I turn in my essay at the next class meeting?
TEACHER (MR. X): Didn't I tell all of my students that I don't accept late assignments?!
LAZY-ASS STUDENT: ...yeah, I guess.... I was late at our first class...
TEACHER: (turn his head, collect his stuff, and walk away with a I-don't-give-a-damn kind of face...)
by uglyron January 26, 2004
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A series of fighting games where the characters could spill an unbelievable amount of blood without without having any realistic wounds. Hmm.... I wonder why....
For those mortal kombat creators, the game is really cool but what's with the movies, man? You should hire another director or something.
by uglyron August 9, 2003
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a "brain-washing pop culture disaster", with a disastrous host.
(What's with all the screaming, ya'll?)
Totally, why the hell TRL exist?!
It just makes this world full of dumb wannabe's.
by uglyron August 7, 2003
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-young new contributor to urbandictionary.com, who might be insulted by other righteous persons later on....
-one whose stupid enough to insult his own self
Go ahead, give your comments on me....
Insult me if you will....
I'm not scared because I'm too dumb to be scared.
by uglyron August 8, 2003
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Conan: "We have a great show tonight. I don't think I've ever mentioned that before."
audience: laugh
Conan: "Seriously, we do..."
audience: laugh again
by uglyron August 7, 2003
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