prime example of today's youths' musical taste, or lack thereof. Just exactly what's wrong with society and why all the other countries hate us (ok, maybe not that)
Dude, Carson Daly is a total kiss-ass. I wish I could land a gig just by calling Kelly Osbourne the best singer ever.
by Alex February 27, 2003
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It's not even a show. It's just one big advertizement for forgettable and overly cliched pop/rap music.
Total Request Live is the final reason why I stopped watching MTV and turned to the MP3 scene for less biased music requests.
by AYB June 20, 2003
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Total Rehash Live. The songs you hear on this show are the same fucking songs you hear being played EVERYWHERE!
By watching the teenybopper-rigged Total Request Live, I already know which stars will win the MTV Music Awards and the Grammy Awards.
by AYB April 6, 2003
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