A person with an irish background. A true hustler. Superior to others with a sharp tongue and deadly good looks. A carroll is also considered a compliment when addressing other close business friends.
Just like a typical carroll, nick bought an NSX drapped up and dripped out.
by A TRUE Carroll from May 13, 2006
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Verb - preceded by the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol; the act during which an individual loses one's keys, cell phone, wallet, and/or identity. Loss of memory is to be expected. In extreme cases one may wake up in another state, attempt grand theft auto, or get up on a fatty; all while being the life of the party/event, even if it is for 10 minutes. May also lead to the commissioning and winning of slap bets, along with other felonious activities. Named after the great Michael Barnabas Evelyn Carroll.
"Dude what happened to you last night?"
"I don't know, man, I got carrolled."
by Theodore Evelyn Mosbey June 10, 2013
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Definition: The act of superficially seeking to be involved with the craft beer movement, without appreciating what is behind it.
Example: I thought it would be a legitimate trade, but he was Carroling me and offered a single bottle of 2015 BCBS for 2 4-packs of 2013 BCBS and an empty BCBS case.
by W.Tarkin February 21, 2016
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A beautiful modest woman who's heart is big but her tongue is sharp. She's a business woman with high intelligence. She's confident, observant & is a hunter when the opportunity arises. She stands by her husband with dignity and respect.
If her name is Carroll she's a keeper.
by user3000goat July 10, 2017
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Carroll it's a person that's opposite of a Karen. When she walks up to you and asks you something, it gives you a feeling of a Karen. She says the next sentence and she's a cool person.
Carroll: What are you guys doing here?

Those guys: We're shooting a video...

Carroll: Can i be in it?
by Bumpkin Man July 5, 2021
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When one recieves unfavourable work assingments from management.
" You just got carrolled."

"My ass is killing me, I just got carrolled."
by A-male. April 11, 2011
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Mr Fox’s dogs r full of sunshine😁🐶🌅
Carroll is an amazing school to go to
by Jeffrey Johnny September 24, 2017
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