Good ass year filled with great memories, endless nights, good times, allnighters, moviestarplanet, the HARLEM SHAKE, "swag," release year of the app Vine, and much more.

Some hit songs include Get Lucky, Blurred Lines, Wake Me Up, Started From the Bottom, Heart Attack, Hold On We're Going Home, Wrecking Ball, Come & Get It, Counting Stars, The Way, Safe and Sound, Don't You Worry Child, Still Into You, Roar, Scream & Shout, Best Song Ever, Mirrors, Royals, etc. Let's not forget the song ''What About Love" by Austin Mahone. That shit was iconic.

Much more superior than 2014.
"I miss 2013."

"Same. Those good times."
by gentle snowflakes November 22, 2018
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The year that everyone will feel like a total dumbass after the world "ends" on 12/21/12
Wow, what the fuck were we thinking. It's 2013.
by devin t April 4, 2008
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The date where we laugh at all the people that thought we would die the year before.
January 1, 2013:
We didn't die! But you should have seen your face!

(points and laughs)
by LaughAtYourFear June 15, 2009
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The year the people with no life will wake up and think: ''oh, gee, I'm still alive''.
2009: ''Were getting closer to the end''.
2010: ''OMG 2 YEARS TO GO''.
2011: ''1 YEAR FROM NOW''.
2013: ''...I'm screwed''..
by chicka34 September 8, 2011
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I am pretty sure that we will be alive in 2013... the world will surely not end this soon... it is a hoax damn it!!!
Oh goody, it is 2013. We worried about this shit for nothing, but the people shoving us this shit did made a few bucks.
by Lil Duff 2008 July 20, 2008
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The year that everyone will feel stupid that 12/21/12 failed to happen. And they will move on to the new end of the world, April 2036 where supposedly the meteor, 99942 Apophis, will collide with the Earth.

Person 1: Phew thank goodness planet x never came into orbit. Jesus and the devil never came to earth and Tupac was never a mayan that will rise from the dead. But guess what, a meteor is gonna hit us in 2036! oh noes pack your bags, and everyone build a panic room in your own house. :0

Person 2: Come on you guys are already thinking there's gonna be a ninth end of the world?

Person 1: No, this time it's gonna happen, did you know if you flip the name of the meteor, 99942 Apophis, it has 666 in the name?

Person 2: OH MY GOD, NO, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT! (sarcasm)
Dick Clark: Happy 2013 from times square everyone!

*streets are practically empty because everyone feels so embarrassed to have a crystal ball laugh in their faces with fireworks because they actually thought there was never going to be a 2013.*
by thelogicaldictionary February 5, 2010
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The year when everyone will see how stupid they are for believing the world will end in 2012. Since it is an odd number year it will be boring - no world cup, olimpics, or leapyear. I think there will be a modern warfare 3(causing a huge drop in teen pregnancy) and an xBox 720. Also everyone will regret all the things they did on 21st december 2012 , such as drink, have sex with strangers, kill people they didn't like, ect. because they thought the world world was gonna end.People will just find another year and call it the end.
Bob: Aw man! 2012 was bullshit! Bored Archaeologist: Actually, research shows the Myans ACTUALLY meant 21st of Dec. 2014! Bob:Awesome!(it puzzles me why some people like the idea...) Well, 2013 is still gonna be boring...
by Joe the Awesome February 2, 2011
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