The hottest guy you'll ever lay eyes on he is an excellent candidate for a husband he is great with kids, has an exotic accent is very strong if your ever looking for a friend or partner so if you find yourself a barnabas consider yourself lucky because you just found a husband so you'd better be ready for marriage or a commitment, he is loving, gentle, kind and caring he will never cease to amaze you.
If you run into a barnabas consider yourself lucky because he is rare to find.
by Ndjon93 August 30, 2017
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He has the biggest dick in the world, even bigger than Marton's dick. It's save to say, he is the best thing in your life, that can happen to you and your mom.
A: Why do he has 3 legs?

B: Nah, he is just Barnabas.
by just accept it, i dont care November 22, 2021
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1. A type of person who identifies themselves as a hipster but rejects being called one by others.
2. An individual who wears old african grandpa attire
That wallpaper shirt looks like something a Barnabas would wear
by KTkt August 1, 2013
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The hottest ever possible thing on the face of this earth
Has the most screwed up sense of humor and is a complete retard at times
A very good friend, but be careful never to betray him or be disappointed or you'll highly regret it
He's so weird! Like a barnabas
He's so queer and quintessentially barnabas
by fflyingfoxdddd September 19, 2013
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Some may say call him banana Woon,
Some may call him baboon,
But he will always be our Barnabas Woon.
Mr Barnabas Woon is the best.
by Dr_Pakawat January 18, 2018
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Barnabas Collins is a real vampire, he doesn't sparkle but actually burns like a vampire, he drinks human blood and if he were to meet the Meyerpire known as Edward Cullen Barnabas would kick his ass.
Barnabas often prefers to stay away from humans but would often drink their blood if he is thirsty,
Barnabas Collins was cursed as a vampire in the year 1776, but is later responsible for the restoration of the Collins name and reputation in 1972 and is a key participant in the destruction of the family's longtime nemesis, the beautiful but spiteful witch Angelique Bouchard.
by Netherman14 August 2, 2013
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An imaginary friend, that some people have made up conversations with in Skype. If a person wants to pretend to win an argument for example, he will create an imaginary conversation with Barnabas Kyriacou, and email it to his friends.
Mark: Look at what Barnabas Kyriacou said:
Barnabas Kyriacou: Wow Mark, you are right, and have just beaten me in an argument!
by MikeLowery September 8, 2010
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