A loose, promiscuous woman of the North Woods who is known for sexual prowess amongst current and former logging towns.
Dude, our boy Ronnie totally bagged a Canada Goose last night. I hope that he had a license for that....
by Clearly Opaque July 1, 2011
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Also known as a cobra chicken, these are some of the most annoying, hostile creatures you will ever encounter. Also they poop everywhere.
Since the dawn of the 21st century the Canada Goose has more frequently been referred to as a cobra chicken.
by Wizard of wackiness June 11, 2018
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A bird with a brown body, a white belly, and a black neck. They like areas with bodys of water. They usually eat grass and sometimes eat fish. It’s also called the Canadian Goose.
Hey, look! There is a Canada goose in the lake over there.
by SnOwY98 March 21, 2018
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The new true religion. Irrelevant and will be the uniform of all form of people.
Stranger 1. "Hey, nice canada goose jacket."
Stranger 2. " Thanks, I like your canada goose jacket too."
Stranger 3. " OH MAN! Look at those canada goose jackets, I got to get a pair of those."
by definitionerer December 20, 2017
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The act of inserting wonder bread with the force of the thumb into the rectum of a female participant, followed by the act of retrieval using all 5 fingers in a pecking motion.
Man, can I borrow your nail clippers, I can’t get rid of all the shit under my fingernails after The Canada Goose with my girlfriend last night.
by Thecanadiangooser October 18, 2020
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You are so mainstream

A "Canada goose" person will probably own a 3 camera iphone too
by cielo98 October 26, 2020
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Canada Goose Expedition Clothing Outfitters

Canadian manufacturer of outerwear specialized for extreme cold weather. Many researchers choose Canada Goose jackets for expeditions into the Antarctic, where such apparel is actually needed.

However tools in Toronto wear these jackets as a fashion statement, even though they are not on an expedition to the Antarctic. It shows their vulnerability to the relatively low temperatures compared to where penguins live. Or they are happy being douchebags that like to follow ridiculous trends.

This faggotry further propagates the hatred towards Torontonians by the rest of Canada.
Look at me sporting my Blue Jays New Era hat, and Canada Goose jacket, now that just SCREAMS classy.
by veritast October 22, 2009
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