Similar to doggy-style. When the woman stays on hands and knees, and the man enters from behind also on his knees. The trick is, when the man is close to being finished, he deals the spermies on her back like a deck of cards on the table.
Tyler: "Can I show you a card trick?"
Sam: "YEAH!! Show me how you work your wand!"
by Ivanna Humpalot 3000 July 21, 2009
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Refers to the assordid "magic" that a moocher plays on an unsuspecting victim using financial-instrument cards of some sort, and then "pulls a disappearing act" afterwards.
One of the most common moocher's card tricks is to show your "mark" a cash/debit card beforehand, and claim that it has sufficient funds loaded onto it to cover whatever expenses you're going to rack up, but then you either "forget" the card's PIN number or "discover" that the card has either been cancelled of has insufficient funds on it to cover your shopping bill or the gas-money for the ride that your "mark" gave you.
by QuacksO August 9, 2018
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1. Penis. Cockney rhyming slang for "dick".

2. Three-card monte. A game in which players bet on which of three cards, turned face down and deftly manipulated, is the queen. Also called find the lady.
"I trussed up the dolly mop before turning her on to me three card trick".
by Nelly Scratch January 15, 2007
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Trying to a explain something that's very complex to someone that doesn't understand the basic fundamentals the thing you are explaining is based on.
I tried to explain it to him, but he kept asking the same non sequitur questions over and over. I felt like I was showing card tricks to a dog.
by Al Benedict November 12, 2010
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Pre-designed cards left on top a bar, usually in a drink glass, for patrons. They are used to write down a person's name and phone number. Should they happen to hook-up with someone in a bar or club.
"You got that chick's phone number?"

"Ya. It's right here...Oh shit. I lost my trick card! FUCK!!!"
by D. Gould July 24, 2008
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When you steal your mom's credit card and then your mom finds out and... oh no
Friend: Hey did you try this new item? It's just 3 bucks!

Me:How do I get it?

Friend: Easy, do the mom's credit card stealing trick, that way you will get rich

Me: So you did it?

Friend: yep, and then my mom came and i won't tell you what happened next
by How1dare1you September 2, 2018
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When you run a playing card through your crack then give somebody the business with it.
Greg: I gave my girlfriend the card trick when she fell asleep last night. She was mad, it woke her up out of a dead sleep when I waved it under her nose. She deserved it though.
by cut the cards August 3, 2022
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