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An old school term, dating back to the 1960's. Meaning a large front tire, of any custom motorcycle.
"Cleaning fur and blood out of your Cat Squasher, is NEVER fun."
by D. Gould November 5, 2006
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1.) Taking "inventory" of your pocket contents before heading off to the club. Just to make sure you have everything you need.

2.) When in the club, constantly checking the back pockets of your jeans, in order to make sure you haven't been pickpocketed.
"Did you lose something?"

"Na. Just doing a clubvintory. It's all good."
by D. Gould August 23, 2008
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The after hours, alter ego, of any "Coffee Time" donut shop. This transformation occurs, when the local Gothic bar or nightclub closes its doors for the evening, and the vampire people congregate there. It being the only place still open, at that hour of night.
"Welcome to Coffin Time...Would you like a side order of blood with your donut, FREAK?"
by D. Gould July 3, 2006
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A method of human disposal, developed and perfected by the Italian mob. Involves encasing a person's feet in poured concrete, and dumping them, alive or dead, into a deep body of water.
"Luco Brata sleeps with the fishes. We just fitted him for concrete shoes."
by D. Gould February 10, 2006
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All things pretaining to the male, homosexual lifestyle. With heavy emphasis, on overly feminine behaviours.
"Owning leather chaps, but no motorcycle, is an obvious sign of faganomics at work."
by D. Gould May 31, 2006
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Someone who is clearly addicted to crack cocaine. Characterized by skitish movements, poor hygiene, and a willingness to do anything for the drug. Often observed wandering aimlessly during all hours of the night, in search of their next fix.
"Yo...That crackerjack sucked off me and my whole crew, for five bucks!"
by D. Gould January 13, 2006
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