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All things pretaining to the male, homosexual lifestyle. With heavy emphasis, on overly feminine behaviours.
"Owning leather chaps, but no motorcycle, is an obvious sign of faganomics at work."
by D. Gould May 31, 2006
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Occurs during the act of "doggy-style" sexual intercourse. When the giver attempts to enter the receiver's anus, without first requesting permission to do so. Usually resulting in the incompletion of said act.
"Homes trying to slip in, a back alley parkin' job on his woman. But she revoked his driver's licence!"
by D. Gould January 6, 2006
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An inconsistency in someone's characteristics, behaviours, beliefs or actions. Refered to as such because, like a toilet seat, they're always undecidedly "up and down" about whatever it is.
"Is Jim going to the party on Saturday?"

"Naw. He's being a toilet seat about it."

by D. Gould January 22, 2007
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Semen, that has strayed onto a woman's lips, after giving head or receiving a "money shot".
"Baby, you have some chapped lips. Come here. I got some seminal lip balm for ya!"
by D. Gould September 30, 2006
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The degree in which an act or behaviour is defined, in regards to its level of 'creepiness'. Does not necessairly refer to outright disgust and repulsion. But more along the deviation, of social norms and sensibilities.
"I saw dude macking on his stepsister. That's got a creep factor of ten!"
by D. Gould February 1, 2006
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When a motorcycle rider is catapulted from their bike, lands on the ground, and is subsequently run over by their own bike, as momentum carries the trailing bike up and over their body.
"I saw Rossi take a one-two crunch, after highsiding a turn during a race."
by D. Gould September 13, 2006
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