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Harvey: Look at that chick on the halftime show interviewing players.

Carl: Yes, she looks like she could be in the Thanksgiving Day parade on a float.
Harvey: Yes, she has a real parade head.
by cut the cards January 18, 2023
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Someone you met at silver sneakers workout class.
Roger: I went to the spin class at silver sneakers.

Carl: How was it ?

Roger: I met this nice looking older woman.

Carl: How did that go ?

Roger: She turned out to be a silver stinker once we went to her place.
by cut the cards January 7, 2023
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Abdul: I see they took Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Bill: Yes, poor jiffy pop head.
by cut the cards March 26, 2023
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Roger: Boy, you sure were hammered last night.
Carl: Sorry man, thanks for getting me home.

Roger: When you fell asleep eating your chicken wings at the bar the guys said you get the Otis Award tonight.
by cut the cards December 13, 2022
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Get in on a huge blowout family argument
Roger: Boy, that sure was uncomfortable at the holiday gathering yesterday.

Harvey: Not sure what you mean ?

Roger: Lots of conversations and perceived slights henceforth to cry and whine about.

Harvey: Sorry, I had to take a leak every time I heard one start, or get more food.

Roger: Good move. You don't have to throw your hat in the ring then.
Harvey: I block numbers after these get together's for a while. It's great.
by cut the cards March 12, 2023
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Larry: I am heading back home, I will be cool.

Harvey: Well, watch out for you know who as you walk through that neighborhood on your way home.
by cut the cards September 6, 2022
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Relatives that wear old reeking sweaters that smell like cigarettes.
Mabel: How do you like my vintage Christmas sweater I have not washed for decades ?

Junior: It's nice.

Mabel: I am taking a smoke break I will be right back. We will be reeking around the Christmas tree soon.
Junior: Thanks for the warning.
by cut the cards December 19, 2022
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