has the power to give someone or something cancer
If inhaled too much, chloroform can be carcinogenic
by Oceanwalker May 11, 2016
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Like atoms, carcinogens make up everything, especially things that taste good.
Yum, I can taste the carcinogens.
by DudemanBKNYC November 19, 2016
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Carcinogeneous, also known as carcinogenic, means substance that have potential to cause cancer.
by Hogan Bailey April 26, 2023
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A rarely-used nickname for the Smog-ridden city of Los Angeles.
It was just another skyless night in The Big Carcinogenic.
by A Lux October 19, 2005
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A person who is seen to be derogatory to social standing when seen with - socially carcinogenic.
"Yo man what the hell are you doing hanging around with Daisy!?"

"I know everyone hates her...I just thought we sorta clicked,"

"Dude find your balls! She looks like a walrus..everyone hates her. She's totally a social carcinogen!"
by ExEE April 19, 2009
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A very yummy chemical that makes drinks taste better.
Ben: "Woah careful that drink has aspartame which according to the WHO may be a carcinogen!"
Tom: "That is why i am drinking it, yummy."
by 27Evan July 1, 2023
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