Kys is a word with the meaning of love and affection. You can use this to express love to someone in a game, to people on Discord or any other place.
Your life is worthless and I think you should just honestly kys
by Hedgyyyyy March 16, 2023
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Know your stuff. To inform others quickly to ensure they have the proper information.
Bill - "Hey man, we all know that humans lay eggs."

Ted - "Dude, you should probably kys before you speak."
by CatalystKR April 18, 2022
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Guy 1: yo bro imma go riding on my bike
Guy 2: kys.
by the she male February 4, 2017
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KYS is not only for 'kill yourself' but it also short meaning of 'keep yourself safe'! :D
Jessica: kys,robert! there are so many crocodiles in the river!
Robert: r u telling me to kill myself?

Jessica: .
by mybigass October 5, 2017
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