KYS is not only for 'kill yourself' but it also short meaning of 'keep yourself safe'! :D
Jessica: kys,robert! there are so many crocodiles in the river!
Robert: r u telling me to kill myself?

Jessica: .
by mybigass October 5, 2017
Guy 1: yo bro imma go riding on my bike
Guy 2: kys.
by the she male February 4, 2017
A short abbreviation of "kill yourself" Commonly used by LeafyIsHere Fans when attacking other peoples channels on youtube
kys faggot
by slimeyoldnegro May 7, 2016
It stands for "Keep Yourself Safe"

We have now changed it.

Save humanity
Gerald: Alright man! Kys.
John: I will, kys too!

It sounds weird and funny at first but I am really just trying to change this word for peoplesown sake.
by XReaderLX December 13, 2016