really easy compared to other worse things
juvy is a cake walk compared to fuckin state
by Serenity February 7, 2005
The combination of two popular phrases, 1) "Piece of cake" and 2) "Walk in the park." All of which typically mean that a task is simple or easy to complete.

Cake Walk can be used to add additional emphasis onto how easy the task performed is or was.
1. Of course I finished that homework, it was a cake walk.

2. That challenge was a cake walk, man. I hardly broke a sweat.
by nuttinbutagame April 2, 2015
Situation when no toilet paper (or suitable substitute) is left in or close to the bathroom, resulting in having to walk elsewhere where a wiping material is available. Said walk is known as a "cake walk", as material becomes caked between the butt cheeks.
Oh, dude.. I hid all the toilet paper downstairs, forcing Pete to do a cake walk!
by NHMatt June 6, 2011
Usually played at Elementary School Carnivals... Basically, it's the biggest table you've ever seen loaded with different kinds of cakes. The actual game is walking around a circle of chairs to music and sitting when the music stops... If you don't get a chair - your outta the game. Game goes until two people are circling one chair - lot's of boxing out and elbows to secure the final seat and get da cake.
"Man, I was catching blows in da cake walk yo, but I got da last seat and now I'm plowing my own cake!"
by Beaverbazz March 12, 2010
To go on a walk mainly for looking at ass
"Hey Mike wanna go on a cake walk"?
by Beaverpoon August 8, 2015
This is the phrase you utter just before walking between a tv and one or more gamers playing on said tv. This gives them a second to pause or find cover as you momentarily block their view.
Without Nazi cake walk:
You: *walks in front of tv unannounced*
Them: "Down in front...ah shit, I died."

WITH Nazi cake walk:
You: "Nazi cake walk" *walks in front of tv*
Them: *pause sound*...*un-pause sound*
by 2Clowns April 6, 2011
Something easy but boring as fuck
2020 gave us a shitty year but wall we had to do was stay at home and do nothing, it was a carrot cake walk.
by SumB January 28, 2021