A traditional game played mostly in the southern United States at fairs and church socials, similar to musical chairs. There are numbers in a circle on the floor and contestants walk along the numbers until the music stops playing. At that time, a number is drawn and the person standing on that number wins a cake and leaves the game.

Used to indicate that something is extremely easy.
Is there going to be a cakewalk at the fair?

That test was a cakewalk.
by Erin W. September 29, 2006
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A cakewalk is a traditional African American form of music and dance which originated among slaves in the US South. A cake, or slices of cake, were offered as prizes for the best dancers — a rare treat during slavery — giving the dance its name.

Cakewalk music is generally more animated than a march, but contains less syncopation than a true rag. The format was designed to accompany a popular high-stepping dance of the day. An evening of cakewalk dance was typically a great social gathering, at which all in attendance wore their finest and brought their canes or umbrellas, which were used as an accessory of the dance. The winner of the dance contest literally was awarded a cake as a prize.
Alabama Dream(1899) by George D. Barnard is a cakewalk.
by ragtimebudddy August 20, 2006
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Usually played at Elementary School Carnivals... Basically, it's the biggest table you've ever seen loaded with different kinds of cakes. The actual game is walking around a circle of chairs to music and sitting when the music stops... If you don't get a chair - your outta the game. Game goes until two people are circling one chair - lot's of boxing out and elbows to secure the final seat and get da cake.
"Man, I was catching blows in da cake walk yo, but I got da last seat and now I'm plowing my own cake!"
by Beaverbazz March 11, 2010
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It comes from the southern united states. I'm not sure of the origin.
Once you've done it a few times, it's a cakewalk
by giselle gardonyi July 20, 2004
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