Since caffeine + Strong Sad = SCIENCE!, that obviously means that SCIENCE! - Strong Sad = caffeine. And also, SCIENCE! - caffeine = Strong Sad.
by Tom December 18, 2003
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Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, and many stoners use it to deter the fact that they are most of the time wasting their lives smoking pot for hours, instead of doing something productive.
”Hey man like um don't you know everyone who hates stoners consumes poisons such as alcohol and (caffeine). Stoners are generally a friendly minority, peaceful, and harmless, there isn't any proof against that, and it's not like a lot of stoners are just thugs who think they are tough. The arrogant people bitching about them smoking marijuana, are usually totally worse than the guy standing on the corner with his squad, slinging pot to strangers, and breaking into peoples houses to steal their stuff if their is weed plants inside.
by Someone with a brain, stupid August 05, 2016
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A potentially dangerous drug that is found almost everywhere in processed foods and consumed by almost everyone in the world. Most people are ignorant of it's dangers and do not know but caffeine is promoted deliberately by the government. (much like fluoride in public drinking water) to slowly destroy your health. Caffeine is put into almost all modern processed foods, especially Coffee; in order to make citizens of a country more awake and a productive robot. But caffeine also comes with very negative side effects. Such as impulsivity and aggression that make people argue or get angry. It also makes the user worse at choosing good decisions (even worse than) Alcohol. It is basically a stimulant that is only put on the market by the government because the side effects are silent and aren't as noticeable or dangerous as something like other uppers such as Amphetamine or Meth. But in the long run, if you consume caffeine for years your blood pressure will spike; (High blood pressure that will be almost inevitable to fix) and you will also have problems with your heart rhythms. For the government, it is kind of poisoning the masses like Aspartame or even Tobacco to slowly destroy your health, but Caffeine is silent and comes with little symptoms. (Which makes the government excited; and why it is the most promoted drug.)
If you go without consuming caffeine for about a month, you will notice that your mind is clearer and that you are more mellow and lax as a personality. You will also be less nervous, more cautious and less argumentative.) Although; your energy may be lower. (but this is the body's normal state.) If you want to see how bad caffeine is an influence on animals, search google images for "spiders on caffeine" and you will see the difference between a normal spider's web and a spider that has been fed with caffeine. (the spiders that were fed caffeine eneded up building very irregular Spiderwebs, that were so bad they were unable to catch flies.)

Consuming caffeine for a lifetime is just about as dangerous as Alcohol or Cigarrettes. But because of the subtle side effects as mentioned before; the government purposefully allows it. Studied of people have showed that Caffeine can weaken and overwork your heart, more than ADHD drugs like Adderall or Ritalin can. These studies have also been fought to be suppressed and know to the public by the government. Scary, ain't it?)
by Googlebah July 28, 2017
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