there things that god made that was. a mistake but one of the wrost things are

and also gacha, 9 year olds, furrys, fortnite kids, morgz
angel : ok god you added many horrible thing whats nex--
god: headaches
angel: what?
god: if you have a cold or fucking any virus you get a headache

angel: ok?
god: oh and make it come out of no where
angel : how much of a pain from a ow to a OH MY GOD THERE A KNIFE IN MY HEAD ARM EVERYWHERE
god: too a fall to the back to a HOLY SHIT I HAVE BENN SHOT
angel: isnt that kinda rude
god: no they need to learn there lesson
god: M O R G Z and G A C H A and EVERY THING

angel: fair point

god: good. now add it
angel : ok
by trumplostgetoverit December 14, 2020
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An adverse side effect of staring at a computer monitor eight hours a day, five days a week.
by Dr Fruitcake July 21, 2004
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The sometimes dull or searing ache/pain that can persist through the side, front or back of your head. Headaches are random but can be caused by various things, e.g., people yapping in your ear, stress or an annoyance or exposure from a machine, animal or human nearby. The only ways to cure a headache or migraine are rest, fluids and headache pills.
Ugh, that Science test yesterday gave me such a HEADACHE!

John, could you please shut up? You're giving me a headache.
by The Oddly Moustached Cat April 06, 2010
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An old, cliched excuse that a woman comes up with when she doesn't feel like having sex.
I desparately wanted a blowjob from my girlfriend, but she said she had a headache, so I put powdered aspirin on my dick just to prove that I really needed her to release the building pressure in my balls.
by urban pervert December 09, 2003
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John: I have a really bad headache. Eyes are hurtin aswell.
Mark: (aside) I knew i forgot to cook that chicken yesterday.
by Fuckenhowzer June 27, 2007
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