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there things that god made that was. a mistake but one of the wrost things are

and also gacha, 9 year olds, furrys, fortnite kids, morgz
angel : ok god you added many horrible thing whats nex--
god: headaches
angel: what?
god: if you have a cold or fucking any virus you get a headache

angel: ok?
god: oh and make it come out of no where
angel : how much of a pain from a ow to a OH MY GOD THERE A KNIFE IN MY HEAD ARM EVERYWHERE
god: too a fall to the back to a HOLY SHIT I HAVE BENN SHOT
angel: isnt that kinda rude
god: no they need to learn there lesson
god: M O R G Z and G A C H A and EVERY THING

angel: fair point

god: good. now add it
angel : ok
by trumplostgetoverit December 14, 2020
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I am a melomaniac.
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You have to combat them.
The girl whined about so many headaches and stomach aches as a kid that her mother told her she could do that for a living, so she did. She started making headache medicine commercials.
by Marv E. Lousy January 08, 2021
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