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Ben Affleck-The buzz is indicating this is gonna be big

Jason Mewes- what buzz?

Ben Affleck- the internet buzz

Jason Mewes- what the fuck is the internet?

See the internet
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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When you're drinking alcohol, hear a tune with a great beat and get that really excited feeling in your stomach along with a massive urge to dance all night. When you get the buzz, you HAVE to go out and go to clubs so you can rave away for several hours.
This is a great song, I've got a serious case of the buzz. Let's go out!!
by MichaelToTheJ September 20, 2011
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the best alterative rock station ever
103.1 fm The Buzz
i always list to the top 5 at 10 on 103.1 the buzz
by me! January 09, 2005
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That feeling when you’re really tired but also mildly horny and thusly can’t sleep
Dude, I was really feeling The Buzz last night after not masturbating all day
by MadLad1273 July 11, 2019
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