A reply of disagreeance or to insult. One person may be saying or doing something they believe to be comical or impressive. If the person they are doing this in front of disagrees, they will say "buzz". The volume or tone of voice determines how much the person disagrees. It may also be accompanied by shaking the head left to right.
A: Lets go to the park.
B: Buzz. Terrible idea.

A: Oh my god, this shit is so hilarious (laughing)
B: (silence and long pause).... Buzz (while shaking head left to right). No.

A: (watching TV) Oh my god Buzzzz!! This team sucks so bad. We are done. Buzz buzz buzz.
by JohnnyBlaze513 April 01, 2011
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The feelings you get from taking in large amounts of nicotine. Usually a tingly feeling, can make you feel numb, or quesy in some cases. The more you take nicotine the harder it is to get this feeling.
I just took a huge dip of Grizzly Straight. I'm buzzing like a bumblebee!
by JakeyZeSnakey November 15, 2008
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Dublin, Ireland: The excuse any misguided teen uses to justify an act of vandalism.
- " But WHY did you smash the glass in that bus shelter? "

- " Just for the BUUZZ, Adrian... "
by BigNToasty July 01, 2005
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Originally used in the 60s and on for being mildly stoned. It got added to using alcohol to describe mild inebreation that was not enough to qualify for getting ticketed for drinking. originally it just meant mild intoxication from smoked drugs including tobacco, ut hs since come to be used with drinks and one anti drinking commercial uses it now
wow got a nice buzz off that pipe" "That pot got me a little buzz" "Hey, let me have a toke off that joint to get a little buzz
by Urban Sage June 25, 2011
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To buzz, or "buzzing" is the verb used when you post something on Google Buzz.
Synonym to "twitting" or "posting to profile"...
"Dude! Check out what I just buzzed!"
"Bro, your latest buzz is crazy!"
by Igneshto February 10, 2010
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