Majin Buu is a giant fat pink monster from the dragonball z series. he has the consistency of play-doh and turns people into candy using the weird tentacle on his forehead. he starts out as a villain, but eventually becomes a good guy. also, he has the most annoying and incomprehensible voice in the world.
Majin Buu: Buu no like you!

Gohan: WTF?!

Buu: WHEEEEEEEEE!!!! (starts running around in circles)

Gohan: Ooookay, i'll just kill u now. (blows up buu's head)
by Smithy983497 August 10, 2011
a aggravating little piece of shit who trys to get on your face
by guy October 8, 2003
A kick ass name. It is commonly used, well... only used,as a creative name for video game customizable items. Only things that kick ass deserve to be called by the name of Won Buu. It may also be used repeatedly to confuse opponents.
A gummi ship that recieved a S+10 rank on Assault of the Dreadnaught from Kingdom Hearts 2 may be named Won Buu for its kickassedness.

A strong strategy to confuse your opponent in a pokemon battle is to name all your pokemon Won Buu.

by Won Buu September 22, 2007
when buu gets dealt a fatal blow and everyone rejoices. then he just regenerates and is back again. wasted 250 episodes doing this. the plot went no where
buu regenerated again. let's go get hammered
by Phil January 28, 2005
Alternate spelling of Majin Boo. He is the fat pink dude on DBZ who likes to eat things that used to be people. He likes doing the fat all day long with his rubber ducky and inflatable Yoshi doll. Can also be called Stupid Buu, Retard Buu, or The Load of Fat.
Majin Buu reminds me of a girl in my 6th period class...
by Shawn B. May 23, 2003