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The second coolest thing in the world. Just like fire except it's not hot. And you can squeeze it in your hands. And it comes in multiple colors. And it smells like shit. And unlike fire it can't burn down houses and forests. Come to think of it, its not really like fire at all....Shit
This play=doh is just like fire. I mean....errr....ummm.....shit
by ~The Nameless One~ July 03, 2005
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Noun- 1:A colored, claylike substance that is sold to children to keep them entertained for hours. 2: A non-toxic modeling clay for small children. Can dry if left out for 2-3 days. Adults or irresponsible teenagers (like me) can use it for all sorts of home repair.
Me- Dude, I accidentally shot a .38 pistol in my room. It made a huge hole!

Friend- Well, what're you gonna do?

Me- It's ok, i sealed it up with play-doh
by SuperMan9856 May 09, 2004
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the most awesome stuff in the universe. kind of like clay but softer and tastes salty. we used to make it at the preschool we i went to, and its mostly salt. We would make yummy food out of it, and then our teacher would get mad.
She made a play-doh taco, and then ate it.
by chocolategrape February 10, 2008
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A home repair tool used by the same idiots who use duct tape for home repair.
"Dude, Theres a huge hole in the roof"

"I think I got a half a can of play-doh in my closet, just use that"
by Windows 98 cardboard edition January 06, 2005
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When you cum all over the girls titties and then you start playing with them with your hands. Then while attempting, her titties get sticky and you create your favorite Transformer with them.

Ex. Optimus Prime
"Last night was fun, when I was giving her Play Doh."
by Slappy Fack & Silent Killa November 30, 2006
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