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A Character from the popular anime Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Z.

1. Gohan is the name of the old human martial artist or unrelated grandpa that raised Goku in Dragon Ball

2. The Son of Goku named Gohan in respect and honor to his granpa. Also a Half - Saiyan born of a human mother named Chi Chi
1. Gohan raised Goku as a baby when he first found him in a space pod.

2. Gohan trained hard with Piccolo to fight the saiyans that came to Earth and soon later fought and defeated Cell in Super Saiyainjin 2
by RealDefinitionGuy101 June 25, 2010
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World's strongest bookworm.
PERFECT CELL: So, the biggest, most important fight of my life walks away, and sends in the world's strongest bookworm! Fine, Goku, I'll play along with this little joke. But I want you to know - while I'm busy pounding Gohan... I'll be thinking of you the entire time.
by Hearshotkid_2113 August 16, 2018
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Means "meal" in Japanese. Usually is used in connection with rice, so it's almost a synonym with it.
No example. It's also a first name, so please don't write that it's an insult.
by Zdenek May 07, 2005
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Hot & sexy saiyan from the beloved anime t.v. show "Dragonball Z"
He is uultra powerful as he is sexy, but did i mention that already? Anyways, he is the son of Goku & Chichi (yes, thats` a name) It is truly a shame that he is not a real life person.
But that is life is as it is.
Desiree says "Gohan beat Cell, not with just his strength & powers but with his striking good looks as well" :D
by Desiree, uhduh. August 18, 2006
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Japanese for cooked-meal, rice, greatest anime character
Gohan Attacks:-
Frieza: (about Gohan) Strange. Where did the little one get all his power? That kid's stronger than any Saiyan I've ever fought. Hmm...I better keep my eye on that one. I wonder who he is. I'm sure I eliminated all the Saiyans except for Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz twenty years ago. How'd he survive? Neither one of those misfits could possibly be his father. They are too weak compared to him.
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by Glassblanket June 11, 2018
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Someone who was good at one point time then becomes trash later.
"Yo that nigga used to be so good at basketball now he gained weight and be became a gohan. Damn might never as good as he once was again"
by TTG 407 February 24, 2019
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