A pretty cool guy who catches more flak than he deserves, but brushes it off anyway, and an endless source of envious inspiration for every aspiring idiot-savant. Most of the time, he goes under appreciated by his peers, usually due to their judgement being clouded by his rapist wit and handsome teeth. A guru, an artist, a vagabond legend in the making, a Stanton is truly the stuff that turns history on its head and makes the world get down on its knees. If you are ever in the presence of him, be sure to hi, because not only is he a force to be reckoned with, but an expert conversationalist that will leave your mind and soul better off than you ever thought they could be.
No example does him justice.

He is of divinity, whose essence we can only grasp with the vain futility of words.

Be at awe, be gracious, be kind.

Beware, for he is watching.

by TheBastardPrince February 9, 2014
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Stanton, Noun.

1) Someone who is above average in intelligence.

2) Someone who uses / appreciates High Brow humor.

3) Someone who has multiple unaccredited doctorates
-That guy just set the curve again, he is such a Stanton.
-That guy enjoys intellectual humor that doesn't always involve a punch line, he is such a Stanton
-That guy has an unaccredited doctorate in homo-sexual philosophy from Harvvard University with two V's, he is such a Stanton.
by Corneliusbear November 19, 2007
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A small town in Orange County, California known for motels, meth heads, and bums. The more north you go down highway 39 the shittier it gets.

Me: Dad, there's so many Tweakers here, where are we?
Dad: Son, we're in Stanton
Me: Stanton? This is more like Zombieland almost!!
by Raven Cristophl June 5, 2020
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verb, synonym; to fuck "it" up directly pertaining to the attraction of the opposite sex.
Dude, Andy was chatting to this delicious bitty the other night, when he accidentally threw an entire beverage over one of them. Nigga totally Stantoned.
by twotoTandy March 26, 2008
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Someone not qualified for their job whatsoever.
Man, that teacher knows nothing about that subject. He is such a Stanton.
by Bob McJimmis April 2, 2006
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A petite Italian gentleman with nomadic tendencies that lives not off the land but cheap alcohol and cigarettes. Has been known to spend large quantities of time with Ferrats, and small Korean gentleman. If seen approach with caution often hungry due to being overworked, bad eating habits, and no sugar in diet. Has been spotted throughout the state of California often traveling from Santa Cruz to the Inland Empire in search of a secret Enterprise love.
I picked up a real Stanton on the side of Hwy 17 yesterday.
by Joshua Bostock February 7, 2009
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1. term for describe extreme stupidity
2. used to describe soemone who likes ai lings
3. a soreloser with a circular spiral shaped penis
1. you are such a stanton
2. stop being a stanton
3. he is a stanton!
by stanton fans August 26, 2008
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