a girl on which everything is good looking...except her face. Everything is pretty "butterface" (but her face)
"What do you think of that girl? She's a real butterface."
by Noree August 28, 2007
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a chick with a hot body and an ugly face.
Look at that chick man. Ugh, what a butterface.
by bee-wiz April 18, 2008
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a woman who has a great body but her face lacks the level of attractiveness.
Dude are you kidding me she is a total butterface
by durhammahrud July 28, 2010
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everything looks great butterface(but her face).
guy: wow you see sarah?
guy#2: oh yeah, she got a butterface.
by longdicsam March 23, 2019
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(noun) A woman considered attractive for everything but-her-face
From accross the Sizzler, she looked good. But up close, Denise proved to be a butterface.
by Scheissemann May 18, 2009
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a girl with a great body and a not so nice face.
"she's a butterface... everything's hot but her face."
by Puttz May 14, 2009
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It means that a girl has a good body, but her face is either ugly or just not that good.
It's when everything looks good, butterface.
by C-Mac Spank Dizzle October 29, 2004
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