7 definitions by shortbus

Everyone’s ideal image of what to do with a spider, yet so volitle it can burn an apartment complex down.
I wanted to turn that bastard into a flaming spider! But I was afraid it would light my mattress on fire.
by shortbus January 9, 2018
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up in: (adverb) location of with which an object is placed and an action is occuring.
"Don't be puttin my name up in yo mouth!"
by shortbus January 6, 2004
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She's a butterface meaning that everything looks good but her face!
by shortbus May 10, 2003
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A person who feels the urge to ride a shortbus with the rest of the retards because he thinks he is one!
Randolfia Scazibus
by shortbus January 26, 2004
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A white guy who acts like a white-acting Asian guy ("banana").
There are a bunch of wananas from the engineering department playing darts at the pub. Just look for the white ankle socks.
by shortbus August 7, 2004
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A white girl who thinks of herself as submissive and Asian.
She looks like such a honkubine in that silk dress with a dragon on it.
by shortbus August 7, 2004
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Like "wigger": a "straight homo": a completely gay acting and dressing male that only dates women. This is broader than "metrosexual" in that all types of fag may be emulated by stromos.
Ignore the gold post through his nipple, the peacock feather patterned silk pantaloons, the high squeaky voice and the leopard spots dyed in his hair. He's not gay; he's a stromo.
by shortbus August 7, 2004
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