A small hicktown in central Florida in Highlands County, closest to larger hicktowns such as Avon Park and Sebring.
It has a population of a little over 2,000, not including the massive amount of underpaid illegal Mexican migrant workers that come to pick oranges. Lake Placid prides itself in the fact that it has 30 named lakes.
There's absolutely nothing to do here, unless you like old people, oranges, caladiums, lakes, or Beef O Brady's.
Lake Placid has no WalMart, no movie theater, no mall (the closest GOOD one is two hours away), and nothing is open 24 hours.
Lake Placid High school is known for it's shitty football team and 23% dropout rate, and nothing else. The party scene is pretty much the only thing kids have to do. Teen pregnancy is huge here, with at least 15 girls pregnant during the 2007-2008 school year.

It was created to be a vacation town for the wealthy people of Lake Placid, NY, but eventually turned into a community of it's own. It was founded by the creator of the Dewey Decimal system.

Lake Placid is also a city in New York, and a shitty movie about a giant alligator.
Sebring kids: "There's a huge party going on in Lake Placid tonight. I hate those fucking redneck hicks, but let's go get us some free booze!"

"The movie Lake Placid sucked."
by BREEbby (: July 11, 2008
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Known for the 1932 and 1980 Olympics and nothing else. Rich dicks visit the town in summer and fill the narrow two-lane main street trying to go to Starbucks. If the Miracle on Ice hadn't happened here, the past string of shitty governors of New York would not have dumped millions into funding the overrated ski town. Whiteface ski prices are expensive even for the rich assholes that live there. Lake Placid's shadow blocks out any success possible for the neighboring towns of Tupper Lake and Saranac Lake. Everyone from Lake Placid is either rich, a dick, or both.
Lake Placid Native: Woohoo Miracle on Ice was lit! We're the best place on the planet!
Tupper Lake Native: You're why our town gets no funding.
Saranac Lake Native: Tupper Lake sucks. Shut up you Lake Placid wanna-be.
by March 19, 2018
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Old people classify this town as being "The Most Interesting Town in America 2013" however for those without dementia sees this town as shithole with nothing to do but, founded by an old piece of shit who apparently has a thing for books.

Located in the armpit of Sebring (AKA a town you might have actually heard of) some of its "great" sight seeing involves shitting paintings on walls (AKA murals), a shit clown college, redneck haven lakes featuring Lake June's sandbar and Norhern. Lake Placids wealth and poverty can even compare to Detroits, with a school system so poor we can't even afford jock straps for the 13 players who show up or the 6 who are actually eligible to even play the game, by the way the last winning season we had was in 1989. Other features of the school includes: drug selling, emo kids (AKA patio bombers), sexual predators for teachers, and a new shop teacher for every 3 weeks. Apparently the saying "shooting for the stars" is not in any of the LPHS students dictionaries, as settling for South Florida State College is good enough for them, until they dropout after the first year and start working at the local Gate Station.

If you're interested in food, good luck our only export we have is oranges which is picked by the army of illegal aliens that migrate here. We have a whole new publix, McDonalds just got remodeled and Beef O' Brady's holds trivia night every Thursday night.

If you plan on staying here, you have signed a death wish.
Every football team ever: We have to play against Lake Placid, looks like a free W.
by 3stupidhighschoolstudents November 27, 2016
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lake placid- N. place in upstate newyork. Small village consisted of around 5, 000 people. wealthy people inhabit the area and Robert Politi, a born native, currently took over as mayor after several judicial positions. The famous four diamond hotel, The Mirror Lake Inn resides on the lake. And the kids like to chill at what used to be called " the boardwalk" The olympics were hosted there two times, once in 1932 and the other in 1980. The olympic ski jumps, arena, training center, luge and bob sled run, and water arials all inhabit the area.
girl: hey lets go get dinner
dude: i only have 700 dollars and that will get us a salad in lake placid
by Jenny, K. August 29, 2005
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When, during or after sex, the guy randomly jumps off the edge of the bed. Then when the girl goes to check why he jumped off he wraps his legs around her head (making sure that her face/nose is up against his ass) then he farts or shits as hard as he can.
Baxter: "Guess what i fuckin' did this weekend?!"

Chris: "What happened, bro?!"

Baxter: "I gave some stupid bitch a Lake Placid!"

Chris: "Haha! Boo-yah!"
by itsbinkl182 May 4, 2010
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To cum on a chicks hair without her permission.
Fred gave that bitch the old lake placid last night.
by Luigi950 May 23, 2008
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