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A cruel and disgusting variation on the buttshover maneuver of bullying, where jocks take a nerd victim and press his face into one jock's butt, and that jock poops on him - specifically, this variation is when the jock has explosive diarrhea on the nerd's face. Since this is hard to predict, it is usually meant to be a regular buttshover and happens by chance, so if a butt bomb does occur it is considered a moment of honor for the jock and typically brands the nerd as the permanent victim of that jock, who assumes the responsibility of bullying the nerd daily for the indefinite future.
Jock: Bro, I went to give some dork freshman a buttshover the other day and I guess I must be getting sick it ended up being a butt bomb. Nastiest thing I've ever seen.
Jock's friend: Duuuuude, that nerd is like your bitch now. He's gotta be in for a stinky year!
Jock: Fuck yeah he is. I'm gonna go find him and give him a chocolate swirly.
by yikestbh August 24, 2017
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A turd realeased from the anus into the toilet, slightly splashing your butt. Not as strong as the Butt Nuke, which completely soaks your butt.
That butt bomb splashed my butt!
by Danapal October 12, 2005
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Also known as the butt drop. An attack used to crush a downed opponent by leaping into the air and landing on them ass first.
The butt bomb is a deadly maneuver, but if you miss your ass is gonna hurt.
by Thunder Magus June 01, 2009
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explosive device packed into the rectum of a terrorist.
When the flight attendent saw the passenger hike his leg and flick the lighter, she though he was just lighting a fart like the pilots do.
by J E Walker November 13, 2003
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An explosive that is fueled by one's anal gas; a fart filled explosive.
Read the example below to find out how to create your own butt bomb.

John: "What are you doing with that empty 2-liter bottle?"

Ethan: "I'm farting into it. I'm making a butt bomb."

John: "How?"

Ethan: (BRUBP!!) "Stand back!!"

Ethan places the capped bottle into the fire pit of their camp site and waits. Within seconds, the bottle explodes with a loud THOPP!! It shoots into the air.
by Isaac T. March 21, 2008
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the act of jumping n'sync with another person on a trampoline and desending on your rear end, creating a bomb-like form and sending one of you flying in to the air
Mainst was jumping on a trampoline with Mr.Trombone, they agreed to do a butt bomb, sending Mainst flying in the air
by Mr.Mainst March 05, 2010
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Butt Bomb
An Arab or other terrorist hides explosives in his butt and then tries to blow up a plane, train or government building.
You can blame the car bomb on the Irish but the but bomb is all Arab.

They are going to lock the rest rooms on planes to stop the butt bombers.
by Lord L. B. Louis December 28, 2009
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