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An extreme form of bullying where jocks shove a nerdy victim's face up another jock's butt and that jock poops on the nerd's face. Often given with a wedgie & swirlie since it has similarities to those.

If jocks are going this far, they may go all out to make it as humiliating and disgusting as possible - for example, by rubbing the nerd's face in the jock's butt to smear the shit, by spanking the nerd to make him gasp and have to eat shit, by making him lick the shit out of the jock's buttcrack, or by forcing him to open his mouth and pooping directly into his mouth. The easiest place for the buttshover to be administered is over a toilet, so jocks will often give a chocolate swirly in the excess shit.

Variations include:
-the stinkface: better known as a wrestling move where the perpetrator just farts.
-the pie-in-the-face buttshover: a jock lies face-down and shits so that the poop is all over his butt, then the nerd is shoved quickly into it to mimic a pie in the face.
-shitshorts: the nerd is lowered upside-down into the jock's shorts. The buttshover is given & then the jock changes out of his soiled shorts & the jocks make the nerd wear them & give him a messy wedgie in them.
-butt sandwich: 2 jocks completely engulf the nerd's head between both their butts & poop on his face & the back of his head at the same time.
-the butt bomb: the cruelest of the cruel, a buttshover with (explosive) diarrhea.
Ryan: Yo dude, that nerd Dylan keeps looking at me funny, let's give him a royal buttshover in gym today. You with me?
Jack: Bro, sick! We can give him a swirlie and hanging wedgie on the stall when we're done.
Dylan: What are you doing- no, please! Owww! NOOOOOOOOO- ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
by yikestbh August 21, 2017
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