Throwing acid at the person you dont like (opp)
Splashed an opp is when you get splashed with acid
by ndichcushd February 14, 2018
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Utterly and completely drunken. In the state of being very inebriated. I.E crushed, plastered, hammered, blasted, lit.
Last night at the party Becky was extremely splashed. The paramedics came get her stomach pumped.
by M. Anthony L. July 04, 2020
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the term splashed comes from sending an ugly picture of a girl with the surname splash to be splashed is worse than getting rick roll'd and even worse than 2 girls 1 cup because what splash really is is a horrible disgusting gross picture.
Dude 1: Dude check this link out!

Dude 2: Ok man but it better not be gross or disgusting…

Dude 1: Your gonna love it man!


by Mr. cocksucker July 24, 2011
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1. To bring it to the face and rage. 2. To lay down the abusive elbows.
fX got splashed 3-0

sMn > Scourge 3-1 ... AND SPLASHED.
by sMn September 11, 2004
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To splash someone, is uk street slang to stab someone with a knife.

The idea of the splash is to symbolise the blood going everywhere

This is mostly used in uk trap music
Lyric example:

"that boy got splashed up, I'm surprised that boy is not dead
The knife went through, the Knife went through his head... And everything was all red"

- made up example of a typical UK trap lyric
by UK_lingo July 21, 2017
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Getting stabbed so hard that it looks like as if you were splashed with your own blood.

It's more prominently heard in the UK drill scene.
Play for the Pagans - Teewiz got splashed and died, and I don't feel sorry for his mum.
Gentleman - Pull up crash, and I'm wetting 'em . Dip, splash when I'm getting 'em
by L3gion Legacy February 04, 2021
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