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A girl who is a thot and an opp.
When Alex exposed nia for sending nudes, the word quickly got around. Nia did not want to get in trouble for sending nudes so she told the principal that Alex was lying and saying that she sent nudes. This made nia an opp for snitching and telling the authority of the school, and at the same time she was a thot for going sending nudes to a boy who wasnt even dating her . She also goes out with every boy that asks her out. This is a great example of a Thopp
by Dmv_Bini February 02, 2017
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a thot and an opp; when you are both a thot and an opp
Ajla O is a thopp.
by boarssss February 10, 2018
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The noise a rectum makes when two penises penetrate it at the same time.
Jessica's ass thopped when she took two dicks at the same time.
by MJ Mike November 23, 2014
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