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One who seeks to work their way into anothers anal avity.
Dude, your little brother's a fucking butt goblin.
by Andrew July 17, 2003
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An insult used to describe a person who is seen to spend a great deal of his/her time with some part of their anatomy inside the asses of other people.
Jill: So what did you do last night Kevin?

Kevin: Well to start the night off I decided to go stick my tongue in Dave's ass, then I spent a couple of hours reaching around inside Lucy's ass, then I played with my own ass for a while, and then I just felt like I needed to assfuck someone so I gave Alex a call.

Jill: Damn Kevin you're such a buttgoblin!
by Raymayne April 04, 2010
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A great comedic insult, often leaving the recipient of said insult dumbstruck...
Example: 'Maddy is a buttgoblin'

See also: fartknocker and stinkpickle
by Jgordon July 10, 2008
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Any person who performs a surprise ass attack on another, using multiple strong upward punching motions; Man or women who uppercuts anothers behind until bruised and battered, making sure to make goblin, troll or hobbit like noises during the attack.
Anthony: Cover your butt when going up the escalator, Damian is behind you.
Sean: Why should i watch my butt?
Anthony: Because he's a butt goblin!
Sean: Oh, i see.
by The Tom Connors March 06, 2007
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An evil creature residing in an anal cavity. Particularly one who creates mass quantities of gasses of a foul smelling nature. When one has unexplained gas attacks, it is said to be due to the presence of a butt goblin.
Matt: "Dude, why are you farting so much?"

Jeremy: "I think my anus is possessed by a butt goblin!"
by Hoopty Doopty June 04, 2010
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