Carissa has many different meanings such as beloved, graceful, and little schemer. a woman named Carissa is beautiful inside and outside yet she doesn't know it. She is a people pleaser, and loves the outdoors. very smart, but is not pompous. is curious in nature. Her heart is the biggest and warmest if ever found. Carissa is rare. There are a few common species such as those who are blonde or even brunette but the pale in comparison to the rarest species of Carissa which is the natural redhead. she is the most loveable and loyal. once you find a Carissa love her, treat her right and fight for her because if you don't another man will step in and take your place.
I once had a Carissa but I didn't treat her right I lost her, now a better man has my Carissa.
by emeraldeyes78 April 4, 2013
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Leader of the Pootang Gang. Gettin ass all day everyday. Carissa is also a slayer of thots because she is too powerful to be a thot herself. She will take your man or woman so just stay home and hide in your closet. Hide for the rest of your left. Until Carissa leaves this world to bang another...nobody is safe.
Hey man wanna go out tonight
Nah can't Carissa gonna steal my girl and you if we go.
by INfamousGhost100 February 14, 2019
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A Carissa is all woman - the most gorgeous in the world. Heart-racingly gorgeous. Striking. More hot than beautiful, even. An amazing person - the most amazing woman in the world - and she doesn't even flaunt it. A Carissa is extremely rare because she is that hard-to-find whole package: beautiful, smart, kind, tall, and great sense of humor, with a hot body and huge chest. Plus she knows how to have fun. The best friend you will ever have - loyal as hell. A stunning, tall, witty, perfect woman who drives guys crazy; she's also the strongest and most courageous woman you've ever met. That perfect babe who no one can put down; she's gorgeous & sexy as hell with a charismatic, phenomenal personality. Her big brown eyes are the most enchanting ever seen. If you meet a Carissa, you will fall in love. Clearly it's hard to find Carissas, you may only ever meet one or two in your life, so when you meet one you had better get her before somebody else does.
Dude 1: That Carissa's looking fineeeeee.

Dude 2: Man, I know.
Carissa: (while walking by) Hey guys!

Dude 1 & 2: Heyy!!!!! ... Wowww....
by Ava2032444 May 6, 2018
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The one that you love the most no matter her actual name, she’s the one that got away and you’d do anything to get her back but you know deep down you can’t but you’ll still try for her even when she gets someone new.
I really miss my Carissa I can’t believe I let her get away💔
by Drewsickle June 22, 2018
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Carissa is the most gorgeous girl in the world. Treat and respect her like a queen or princess. And boys listen up.... be her king or prince. She hottt, smart, funny, and sometimes thiccccccc. Carissa is loveable ❤️ caring, and gentle. She’ll stick up for her friends asses whenever however as long as them bitches that’s screwing with them stops. She’s usually into older and slightly taller guys. Carissa is a complete perfectionist and has OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder) . Carissa is not fake and knows when you’re keeping things from her. If you have a crush on a Carissa you better tell her because or else you loose your chance.
Carissa is hot
Carissa is smart

Carissa is caring
by Anonymous 2007 November 24, 2019
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Carissa is a one of a kind girl never let her go. She is stronger then anyone that you will ever meet. She has been though a lot. She is sometimes a trouble maker. But she has a warm heart.
If you find a Carissa don’t let her go.
by Tipo March 8, 2019
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Means: "beloved" in Greek.
The best friend you will ever have. A beautiful, witty girl who drives guys crazy and is banned from consuming milkshake beverages. An amazing person, the most amazing woman in the world, in-fact. Although she has a few things going against her, she is also the strongest and most courageous woman I've ever met. A perfect girl, who no one can put down; she is beautiful, and has an amazing personality, great sense of humor, and a perfect body. If you meet a Carissa, you will fall in love. She owns enough handbags, blouses, and perfumes to start a Macy's. Her big blue eyes are the most enchanting I've ever seen. Kinda reminds me of an angel. She always dates hot guys (Yeah right...), typically soccer or baseball players. Don't get me wrong, but it's hard to find girls named Carissa, so when you meet one, you had better get her before somebody else does. All in all, the most beautiful girl you will ever meet, and one who you will instantly fall in love with.
Guy1: OMG, look who's coming this way?

Guy2: Yeah what about her.. wait, is that Carissa?

Guy1: @_@ Yeah!
by Senor Pablo Pop March 24, 2013
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