the beauty behind crate is that it was created to have no meaning, you can use it anyway you want, the intention is just to get everyone to say it! common uses include a way of pointing out you dont care, someone tells you good news, or just saying it at a random time! the fun part is, whenever you hear the word, you have to clap above your head, this shows the awareness of the word!
phil-yo whaddup brack, you hear about that cheese shop job?

nick- crate!

cashier- ok your change is 3.75 have a good day!

cody- CRATE

cashier- what?

cody claps above head then leaves
by pea hil April 8, 2011
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an old beat up car; heap; jalopy
"I drove that crate until the wheels practically fell off of it!"
by westman November 7, 2003
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the well defined shape you get from drinking beer instead of going to the gym and getting a six pack ie. the opposite of sixpack
my abs are good but look at my well defined crate
by kimbale June 17, 2007
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"in the crate" describes any automobile clad in simulated wood grain vinyl.
My favorite color for a Grand Wagoneer is white, in the crate, with blue interior.
by Nick Victim April 29, 2004
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Any container, made of any substance, utilized to house or hold a pet.
Husband: "We'll have to move Ollie's cage..."
Wife: "For the last time, it's not a cage, its a Crate!"
Husband: "Have you seen this? This is a cage if I ever saw one!"
Wife: "No, it's a crate."
Husband: "This is not a crate. Crates are the wooden boxes dinosaurs come in."
Wife: "Only an idiot would trust a dinosaur to stay in a wooden box."
by Jasonion July 1, 2013
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the box in which palumbo came over the border in, since he is an adopted immagrint, his dad, Boots, makes him go in there when he is bad and only allows him one air hole..
Boots: You wanna mouth off to me boy?
Palumbo: Maybe
Boots: Thats it, ur gonig in the crate and you only get one air hole
by Bob, Toothless March 30, 2005
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The effort of trying to pull girls who are out of your league with your mates so you can Use&Abuse
Who's going crating boys?

Reece are you definitely going crating
by Chinky Bimmy BRAY June 23, 2019
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