Like, "dicking around". Doing nothing and wasting your time. Goofing off with your friends and just hanging out without a care in the world.
After school, my friends and I headed to Starbucks and decided to butt around all afternoon.
by PizzaGirl September 08, 2005
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Smart ass remark made mostly by grade schoolers. Usually in response to a "where" question, but sometimes used by losers just to get attention.
by jojo December 23, 2004
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You're having sex with a girl doggy-style, and she reaches around and grabs your ass, possibly sticking her thumb up your hole.
She gave Suey a nice Wrap Around Butt Grab last night.
by Sweed June 29, 2005
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when you are recieving oral sex while some one ugrabs you butt while giveing you anal sex with a dildo
Damn last night MAry hit me with the rap around butt grab it hurt bad.
by thepimpjuicex June 03, 2006
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