When someone is being grumpy or acting depressed. They will sit in silence wile everyone else is having a good time. They usually will deny it.
"Patrick is being all but hurt over here!"
"I know. He's been like that all day"
by The Original Kid November 20, 2011
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Hurtful is an adjective and means causing distress or injury to someone’s feelings; causing pain or suffering, especially of a psychological nature; it can also mean harmful to living things.
“She’s such a nasty cow, she only opens her gob to make a hurtful remark!”
by AKACroatalin October 23, 2015
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: too bad, damnn,something a person would say in a laughing matter when someone can't do or get anything; not actually get physically hurt.
Boy: "Babe, I'm horny and this weed making it worst, I wanna be with you right now,"

Girl: "Damnn, that's that hurt babe btfol,"
by QueenTroup September 2, 2016
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When someone hurts you emotionally. It can be physically but if you really in your feels and you wanna let someone know that you're really hurt you just say it hurted
Int:" One Direction is never getting back together..."
Me *lays in bed and thinks while staring into an abyss*:" That shit HuRtEd"
by This_isnt_a_family_show March 27, 2019
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pronounced: HER-Teng.

1. Used to describe a situation, a person, a place that is currently in poor form or performance. Emphasizes the horrible nature of a situation or the poor overall appearance of a person.

2. Used to describe a massive failure.
a) Yeah my job is hurting right now... I have to come in at 5 a.m.
b) Those girls over there are hurting--I'm going to need to drink more.
c) The beach was hurting today--it was too cloudy to enjoy the sloots.

a) The Redskins preseason game against Carolina was hurting.
b) My Committed Cost Report was hurting--we didn't bill enough this month.
by JofKB August 16, 2005
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a person, object, place, etc. that is most likely ugly or extremely unattractive or in the case of an object or place is dilapidated (ie. lacking funds to improve)
Your school is hurt!
That guy is hurt.
by Dale April 21, 2004
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