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a person, object, place, etc. that is most likely ugly or extremely unattractive or in the case of an object or place is dilapidated (ie. lacking funds to improve)
Your school is hurt!
That guy is hurt.
by Dale April 20, 2004

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Took Nothing Left Nothing Signed Log - Term used as shorthand for geocaching.
I found the cache, TNLNSL
by Dale August 09, 2004

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Fun loving Panda also known as a GHG (golden heart guy).
Look at jai being a GHG.
by Dale March 26, 2003

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A bad ass who can smell japs ,nazi's and fags a mile away.
He was 14 and knew uncle sam needed him so he lied about his age and signed up.
Cotton Hill knows how it really works and Hank is his son who only spermed out one kid due to his narrow urethra.
Cottons is so damn wide he could have passed the kid himself
by Dale August 01, 2003

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have you seen barry
barry who?
barry deez nuts in your ass........
deez nuts to trick a female
by dale January 06, 2004

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when on drugs, easily getting paranoid over a certian thing or many
those people staring at us are making me bugg out
by dale August 11, 2003

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Looking for trouble. Out doing something your parents, spouse, teacher, and/or preacher wouldn't approve of. Breaking laws and moral codes definately fall under the category of "galavantin'"
Don't worry Mom, we won't be gone too long. We're just going galavantin'.

Aw honey, what you upset for? Me and the boys was just galavantin'.
by Dale February 24, 2003

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