When someone hurts you emotionally. It can be physically but if you really in your feels and you wanna let someone know that you're really hurt you just say it hurted
Int:" One Direction is never getting back together..."
Me *lays in bed and thinks while staring into an abyss*:" That shit HuRtEd"
by This_isnt_a_family_show March 27, 2019
The word that I use when something hurts but Its also when I can’t English.
I just popped my neck- that hurted.
Hurted is something you say when it really hurts
I hit my head on a corner of a cabinet and it really hurted
by J.J20 November 3, 2018
“You can’t fix stupid people.” Ur freinds says “soo I can’t fix you “ . That hurted
by Chill_C The Ice King February 28, 2019