Lil burner and his squad we're posted at the park chillin drinking M.D 20/20 and smoking purple pineapple o.g kush when another rival set from across the way started a confrontation and started hating on lil burner so the only way to make him not look like a little bitch lil burner pulled a smith n wessen SD 40 cal from in between his butt cheeks and started ( BUSSIN) at them playa hatin bizniches from the ghetto ass gated suburban community of Malibu where the notorious B-RAD resides and caused alot of friction between the rival set's B-RAD just released his sophomore album mali-booty 2 at the same time lil burner released his debut album da Tupac in me so lil burner and B-RAD had to pull out there air soft plastic orange tipped gats and started "BUSSIN " at each other until someone gets a bruse or two and there mom and dad press charges against one another and I've continued this madness for far too long PEACE
by White people problems May 17, 2018
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When a girl is hoeing and taking hella dick just being a thot basically
Aye im trying to get my dick wet whos bussin
Shit safa fucking everyone jaymar kevin jhonta just ask for head
by GDKBDKDIE% May 12, 2018
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The activity of being, getting, or doing Short things.
Man, shit got real short, and it was straight Bussin after that...
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by Sen Besey May 10, 2020
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When you are eating some real good food and you are gripping it so tight to the point where your thumb bust through it in order to get a better grip on the food.
Jamarcus: Aye what you eat for dinner last night?
Armond: I had some tacos and them shits was bussin!
by Juwane Mclamb April 07, 2020
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When something is good ASF , or just perfect. Also used for really really good food.
Man that bud we smoked was bussin
by Cheeto Flame January 29, 2021
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When you whip sum out or hit someone with, could be an object, move, word etc
by Dvrkslide April 19, 2018
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When something is hard or highly rated
This chicken is busssin

The lighting over here is bussin
by T-Kay November 23, 2020
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