looking ass is a nosey ass bitch who always be up in your business.
O looking ass bitch, need to mind her own business.
by Gotsisthetruth July 28, 2015
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A phrase that is often used when insulting another person
With your... Looking ass
1. With your to old for the Mickey Mouse Club looking ass.
2. With your KFC brand cologne looking ass.
3. With your standing on the roller coaster looking ass.
4. With your more room for activities looking ass.
5. With your I've been stuck on this level for twenty days looking ass.
by BigPasty February 28, 2011
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A nigga always looking and hating on other mothafuckas. Possible snitch
Man every time I get a girl number, this nigga ruff always looking. That looking ass nigga.
by bolski February 25, 2014
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Someone who looks like a god damn potato chip. There head is curved in and they were the same trash shoes everyday. These kind people say they have yeezys but they really don't. They smell like musty dick and have rusty, dirty braces.
Ex: Look at that potato chip looking ass with his trashy shoes
by Crumbler 99 February 05, 2017
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An expression created lord and saviour Kevin, founder of kevinism. These words were said at Klockbacken during an intense smoke sesh around the fire. This phrase can be used to prove your intellect when asked a question you cant answer.
Georg: Kevin say something wise!
Kevin: What wise, look ass!
by Saint Axel December 09, 2021
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Look like ass - to look messy; sloppy and generally slovenly.
e.g. "That table looks like ass with all those papers stewn about!" "She came in looking like something the cat dragged in and her hair looked like ass."

"Best to get in here and clean your room 'cause it sure looks like ass!"

"That torn coat she's wearing looks like total ass."
by Lil Ringo November 06, 2007
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