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Bushwhacking is the abrupt removal of one's pubic hair. While commonly confused with the more frequently used terms "brazilian wax" or "bald eagle," the term bushwhacking is generally preferred when whackee formerly sported a lowfro or buckwheat type of 70s pubic coiffure, and does not always denote complete baldness. The sudden and abrupt removal of such luxurious nethercarpeting conjures up images of Indiana Jones, sweating profusely as he slashes his way through a dense jungle with nothing but a machete and an enviable suntan.
I think I'm finally gonna get my groove back this weekend, so I guess I better make an appointment for some bushwhacking!
by Dr. Evil 518 December 29, 2010
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1) Hard, pounding intercourse with a woman who does not shave her pussy.
2) Aggressive sexual intercourse with a woman.
She turned me on so much, I wanted to give her a good bushwhacking.
by Stinkindarnbabies December 10, 2010
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To hide in the bushes outside a women's home and masturbate to her through the window
D-Tos: Yo eric where you at last night?
ELO: Bush whacking over at MB'S
L-WIL: Damn eric that some fine ass bush whacking
by Eloree123 June 04, 2013
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it is when your eating out a girl and she got a fuckin gnarly hair hole, aka a huuuggee bush. looks like she got king kong in a leg lock.
bush whacking is nastynaaassstyyyyy
by Devvvvooooonnnnnnnnnnniiaca December 08, 2008
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